Grey's Anatomy Star Jake Borelli Comes Out Simultaneously With His On-Screen Character


After covering the L, B, and T in LGBTQ over the years, Grey's Anatomy has finally reached for that G. Earlier this year, news broke that Alex Landi was cast as the medical soap's first gay surgeon: Dr. Kim.

Now that the first half of Grey's Season 15 has aired, we've seen Dr. Levi Schmitt (aka Glasses) feeling awkward and giddy as Kim has flirted with him. In the fall finale, we finally had them have a makeout sesh in a rocking ambulance after Glasses explains that he's a nerdy virgin that never confronted his sexual identity because he felt sex was basically off the table.

Glasses wasn't the only coming out the happened. The actor portraying him, Jake Borelli, tackled his public sexuality on Instagram the same night as the fall finale (perfectly timed to the episode airing). Head injuries aside, it's nice to see a complex coming out appear on TV. 

The default is still to assume someone you see is straight—even if the character is a one dimensional member of the supporting cast that hasn't been fleshed out yet. Borelli says as much in his interview. 

You probably shouldn’t assume anything about anybody’s sexuality because I assumed he was straight, I would say he doesn’t even know yet at this point. He’s still learning, he’s still grappling with his own sexuality.

Jake Borelli to Gay Times

This is a problem gay characters have in lots of media representation. In comics, there was an outcry that Iceman of the X-Men was "turned gay." The point is that the character was always gay, they just weren't out—maybe even to themselves.

You can read more from Jake in his sit down with Gay Times.