Must Read: "Dear Internet – Stop Censoring Our Bodies and Sexualities"

Apple recently removed the Tumblr app from the Apple App Store because it apparently allowed access to child pornography that Tumblr couldn't seem to filter out with their screening technology. 


Child pornography is abhorrent and should definitely be purged from social platforms along with revenge porn non-consensual leaks. But, the backlash has swung real far in the direction of "all nudity is evil." For the most part, this seems to leave only Twitter, Reddit, and the dark-ish web as social "common carriers".

Anthony Gilet on Cocktails and Cock Talk speaks out against the related spread of censorship on social media that seems to unfairly target the LGBTQ community:

But the news comes as another blow for censorship, as Facebook – who are notorious for their strict policies regarding nudity – continue to null the reach of LGBT+ blogs, including ours. The rules seemingly stricter for gay sites and brands.

While huge portions of mainstream advertisers refuse to even work with blogs that depict nudity, and/or talk about gay sex openly because it is still rendered very much taboo by the cis straight men at the top.

Brands are consistently punished for celebrating the human – specifically queer – form, although most psychologists would argue that children using social media is far more damaging than seeing someone’s groin. Not to mention influence the idea that nudity is wrong and shameful.

This year alone, we’ve witnessed a handful of blogs cease to exist due to narrow acceptance of queer nudity from platforms like Google, Amazon and Apple.

"Dear Internet – Stop Censoring Our Bodies and Sexualities" on Cocktails and Cock Talk.

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