5 Things: George Bush's Homophobia, Jorge Piantelli's Bulge, Don't Say Wife, Actively Gay Priests, and Is "Will & Grace" Still Good?

What five things should you be talking about today? We've got two Georges, active gayness, Will, Grace, bulges, and more! Scroll down for all the dirt.


1. George H.W. Bush's presidency was terrible for gay people—and, you can thank the evangelical right for that.

Bush was as captive to the evangelical right on social issues — and thus a decidedly Republican president — as was his predecessor, Ronald Reagan, who cultivated religious conservatives as a potent political force and bowed to their anti-LGBTQ agenda as the AIDS epidemic mushroomed in the 1980s. 

Queer Voices

2. Straight people still consider living your life as "flaunting your sexuality": wife edition.

Sheri and Alyssa Monk say they were discriminated against and expected to follow different rules than their heterosexual colleagues, saying they were told not to talk about their personal lives at work and that the word "wife" was off limits.

CBC News

3. It is our collective gay duty to watch Will & Grace, but is it any good anymore?

The second season, however, has been a major shift downwards that really isn’t fun watching anymore. There’s nothing that inspiring about how these characters are developing that makes it worth the watch anymore.


4. Pope tells actively gay priests to stop having sex or stop being a priest.

Whatever “actively gay" means... Insert joke about gay priests, celibacy, and alter boys here in place of the usual pull-quote.

5. Jorge Piantelli has a special package for X-mas.


What a specimen, indeed. Such talent. Such grace. You can see more of Jorge Piantelli on Boy Culture. And you can do yourself a favor by also clicking over to see a sprea of him from Gastohn Barrios in Nord Magazine.