5 Things: RuPaul's UK Drag Race, Ellen's Special, Tumblr's Eulogy, India's First Trans Male Bodybuilder, and @koixboi's Interview


What five things should you be talking about today? We’ve got an ode to the Tumblr of 2011, RuPaul going abroad, a trans bodybuilder in India, and a teaser for the first in a couple ot new Pale Panda interviews.

R-R-R-RuPaul's Drag Race

1. After years of clamoring and speculation, RuPaul's Drag Race is officially and finally coming to the UK.

This marks the first time an international version of the show with RuPaul as host has been created outside of the United States. Back in February, Drag Race Thailand premiered, though it was hosted by two popular Thai queens, Art Arya and Pangina Heals.


No word on a judging panel, but fingers crossed that Graham Norton could join. Norton's Eurovision-style snark would be a welcome addition to the newly announce BBC3 program. In addition, no release date has been given as of yet.

2. Netflix is giving anyone with a pulse a comedy special, but this one is big: Ellen DeGeneres is back on stage!

I have an issue with all the emotional support animals that people are flying with now. You’re walking down the aisle to your seat, which is 10B or whatever it is, it’s like Noah’s Ark: There’s a woman with a ferret; there’s a man with a mongoose; there’s a lady with a donkey.

Ellen Degeneres

3. India's first trans male bodybuilder, Aryan Pasha, is an inspiration.

My mother helped me a lot in starting my transition. I didn’t live with my parents until I was 16. My step-mother started noticing I behaved manly. She noticed I felt bad whenever someone called me by my female name or used female pronouns. As a psychology student, she pointed out to my dad that I was transgender and they should help me fix this. My dad paid for my surgery. In India, gender affirmation surgery comes under cosmetic surgery so it’s not covered by insurance companies.

Aryan Pasha to Gay Star New

The rest of Aryan's interview is well worth the read. He was denied a visa to compete in an American transman bodybuilding competition, so he decided to break some barriers in India by competing in the men's category.

4. This Tumblr Eulogy echoes my own experience as a young gay with one foot out of the closet.

But there’s a place where I do feel safe. Where I’m not the only one who’s taken Lady Gaga’s Born This Way album as gospel. Where I explore my sexuality freely and without shame. The thing is, it’s not a physical place: it’s Tumblr, the glorious, complicated, online free-for-all Twitter could only ever hope to be.

Sam Manzella for NewNowNext

I used to drink wine alone in South GA while browsing Tumblr when I was lonely and fresh out of college. It definitely won't be the same, but who knows what it will feel like on December 18th.

This one is definitely worth the read, as Sam Manzella links the new Tumblr terms to service to similar actions taken by other platforms that affect queer content in a disproportionate manner.

5. We get personal with Kody Goens (@koixboi ) in his new Pale Panda interview.

Kody Goens (@koixboi ) Takes a Bath

Coming soon, we share our conversation with the amazingly sexy and talented Kody Goens about inspiration, media, and more. Read it all here.