LGBT-Friendly Australia: 3 Cities that Celebrate Queer

There’s plenty to entice gay travellers to Australia beyond Sydney’s world-famous Mardi Gras, so take out some Australia travel insurance and book your ticket.

With it’s world famous Mardi Gras and vibrant LBGT-scene, Sydney isa well known and always popular destination for a gay vacation, butAustralia actually has much more to offer than just this one gayhotspot.

Here’s my recommendation for the three most LBGT-friendly cities Down Under. 

Glitz and Glamour in Sydney

There’s no avoiding it, Sydney is a mecca for the gay communityaround the world with its thriving, lively LBGT scene all year roundreaching a crescendo of colour and outrageous outfits at the annualMardi Gras. If you’re looking to join in the fun head for Oxford Streetin the city’s Darlinghurst district and King Street in Newtown.

Of course, you haven’t just come here to party, you’ll want to workon your tan too, and the city boasts a number of fantastic ‘gay’beaches. North Bondi and Tamarama are very popular but if you’re lookingfor something a little quieter and more laidback check out La Perouseat Little Congwong and Lady Jane beach.


While Sydney provides reason enough to take out your Australia travelinsurance and make the trip Down Under, Melbourne is well worth a visittoo. A little calmer and less outrageous, the gay scene here is still abustling, lively affair, although it does tend to have a little moreculture and sophistication thrown in. 

There isn’t one central area where all the LBGT activities go on butyou’ll find a good range of bars in the city’s north side (Sircuit Barand The Laird in particular) while in the south side it’s worth checkingout The Greyhound. 

There are also a number of great bookstore, cafés and art galleriesthat all aim to cater for the gay community, making the city feelinviting and welcoming to the LBGT community. 


Known amongst the gay community as ‘Gaylesford’, this is where manyLBGT Australians and visitors come to get away from the fast-paced,lively scene in Sydney.

Daylesford is a beautiful retreat of clear, freshwater springs,stunning countryside lakes and plenty of luxurious spas ready to treatand soothe those who may have been having a little bit of too good atime in the bigger cities. There are also a range of great artgalleries, shops and cafés to enjoy in the town.

For a comfortable, extremely gay-friendly, guesthouse try out the Green Door or the Lakeside at Daylesford.

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