The Politics of the Third Gender: Gay People in the Workplace


I so believed that the top-rated reality show, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy has put gay men into the “respect” zone when the show itself proved that there is nothing wrong with gay people and their sexual orientation.

Well, for one, the show did prove something worthy aside that it is very interesting. However, amidst the fact that the famous Fab 5 conquered the hearts of straight men as well as of straight women (in another gay reality show, Queer Eye for the Straight Girl) on the airwaves, the show did not actually change the state of most queer people around the globe.

The battle rages on among queer people as they fought for their rights in the workplace. In the United States alone, 34 states the legal right to fire someone based on sexual orientation, while 44 states have the legal right to do so based on gender identity.

Who would believe that in this country tagged as “The Land of the Free” such discrimination is still rampant?

Who would believe that in this country tagged as “The Land of the Free” such discrimination is still rampant? I guess television has its own culture and own “reality” stories to tell. But then again, that is television. People love to watch “queer” things on TV, right? The more it is unique and “queer”, the better the show ‘s ratings will be.

My point here is that, it is quite ironic that despite media’sattempt to take things into a different view, establishing acceptanceand respect among gay people within the society, the public at largestill discriminates these people. In the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, it was clearly stated:

Qualified, hardworking Americans are denied job opportunities, firedor otherwise discriminated against for reasons that have nothing to dowith their performance and abilities. Employment discrimination based onsexual orientation or gender identity and expression, whether suchorientation is real or perceived, effectively denies qualifiedindividuals equality and opportunity in the workplace. Those whoexperience this form of discrimination have no recourse under currentfederal law or under the Constitution as it has been interpreted by thecourts.

So far, I guess gay people have only gained half acceptance within society.

The above statement is not a question of illogical thinking among discriminators because it is perfectly clear that there is no connection between gender preferences or sexual orientation with the individual’s overall work performance.

People are not illogical about this issue, they are rather blinded by the tradition that has taught them that there are only two existing genders: male and female. So far, I guess gay people have only gained half acceptance within society. They are only accepted as long as they keep their sexual practices among themselves. But the whole gay and lesbian thing is not complete without any sexual practices and queer people cannot hide the very least of these things.


Hidden love....

IGLOBE’s marketing manager said, “People think they don’t bring their sexuality into the workplace, but they do — whether they wear their wedding ring or put a photo of their partner on their desk,” she said. “It’s very uncomfortable to a gay person to dispel that assumption.” Therefore, tradition is about a question of morality.

Do you ever wonder why there are various activists groups in everyindustry? Just for example, we have gay/lesbian writings? A feministapproach to so and so? Well, the answer is simple: there is a wide rangeof discrimination in gender, race and color, etc. People in these groups will continue to fight for their rights.

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