Countdown to Now Apocalypse, Coming 10 March 2019 to Starz: Meet Severine

Meet Severine:

Severine is a dedicated scientist. French, gorgeous, brilliant, aloof and mysterious, Severine is an astrobiological theorist working for a NASA-like branch of the government. And it appears that whatever top-secret official business Severine is involved in is making her question not only her relationship with Ford but the future of the entire world.

French/U.S. actress Roxane Mesquida stars as Severine in the new Starz series “Now Apocalypse.” Before moving from France to the United States, Roxane Mesquida worked with such notable French film directors as Manuel Pradal, Catherine Breillat and Kim Chapiron. In addition to her role in Kaboom, she has appeared in the features The Most Fun You Can Have Dying by Kirstin Marcon, Kiss of the Damned by Alexandra Cassavetes (daughter of John Cassavetes) and Homesick by young independent filmmaker Frederic Da. She also played Beatrice, the sister of Louis Grimaldi in the TV series “Gossip Girl” and Betty Barnowski in “XIII: The Series.” Upcoming films include A Forgotten Place and Hallucinaut.

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