We Review "Do You Love Me, Loretta?" From Avan Jogia's Band Saint Ivory

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There's an element of Saint Ivory that is so evocative of mid '00s-'10s of Montreal, that I have to take a moment to realize that I'm not just trapped in one of the slower, lilting, vocoder-ravaged sections of a Kevin Barnes fever-dream.

This digital release, Do You Love Me, Loretta, is just two tracks. The first of these is the slightly more produced, "Do You Love Me." It packs a lot into its 3:22 runtime.

A pleasurable listen, I could see myself letting this song wash over me under colored light while lounging comfortably with a glass of wine or maybe some weed.

The second track on the release, Loretta, it really when the Of Montreal vibes hit hard. The tone of voice here was very "Women's Studies Victims"

off of Montreal's 2009 Skeletal Lamping, though it was stripped back like the early spoken word of Montreal tracks.

In total, the EP (?) is a great intro to the band, and I would love to go see them live. Go grab this release from all the places music is released now.


Do You Love Me, Loretta from Saint Ivory: ★★★★☆