A Quick Guide to Addiction and Drug Use

Drug use comes in many forms and fashions. If you or someone you know is dealing with addiction or drug use, there is help available out there. Here are a few options if you decide to move forward in one path or another. In the queer community, especially, party drugs and the like are quite common. Because of this, we also include links to the Friday/Monday foundation so that you can approach drug use in as responsible a way as is possible.

Needle Exchanges:

The first step isn’t always trying to get someone clean and sober. If you know of anyone that uses street drugs intravenously, make sure that they are informed about needle exchanges and where to find them.

Suboxone Clinics:

There are many outpatient programs and clinics that provide outpatient opiate detox programs with the drug Suboxone. Finding one can keep you from experiencing the worst of withdrawal symptoms without the risk of the prescribed regimen being abused intravenously.

Support Groups:

I downright disagree with the actual mechanism of action of Narcotics Anonymous. The AA-style step system is flawed in many ways. However, a group of people going through the same issues is better than attempting to go it alone.

Cautious Drug Use: 

The Friday/Monday foundation in the UK has drug-specific guides on how to use drugs safely, avoid addiction, see the warning signs of addiction, and battle addiction if it occurs.

More Help?

Lastly, if you need to talk to someone who has gone through addiction battles of their own, feel free to reach out to us on Twitter. Our DMs are open, and we’re always around to chat.