AEW Interviewer and World Comedian Jack Whitehall's Dick Pic


Jack Whitehall, a man of many talents. But, maybe, not cock shots.

Wrestling announcer, British comedian, straight man playing the new gay Disney character, mysteriously attractive to me… Jack Whitehall is the perfect subject for this site, really. So, I was ecstatic when I heard there was an old dick pic of his circulating around (NSFW link).

Then, the next link down, we find out that it’s almost certainly a fake. And, Whitehall seems to just be a really lucky famous fan to get to unveil the AEW world championship belt at Double or Nothing. Though, I did love his ring announcer skills. He’s got those big-fight-feel pipes.

Speaking of pipes, he did go full-frontal for the sake of comedy once. You can see that right here:

No clue what this is from.

I mean, if you look at both the “leak” and the real thing, I’m not too sure how they line up. You decide.

Maybe Whitehall really didn’t take those naughty snaps. But, if he really thought it, “was the most beautiful penis I’ve ever seen. It was unbelievable. It was like long and tan, it looked like Aslan’s tail — a beautiful, magical thing,” why not claim it as his own anyway?