Hickman to Mine the Treasure Trove of X Costumes in New X-Men Run.

Jonathan Hickman’s interview with Adventures in Poor Taste reveals a little bit more about his approach to the X family in his highly anticipated reboot of the X line at Marvel this summer.

Of his revelations, one of them explains why Jean Grey is in her Marvel Girl uniform on all the promotional materials, and how he’ll approach the characters’ outfits in his coming run.

Also, in the story that we’re telling, it’s just completely logical that Storm would have a closet full of Storm costumes and not yoga pants and sweaters...
— Jonathan Hickman
House of X #3 Cover

House of X #3 Cover

This comes as a huge relief since his run has been equated to a realignment of the X-Men in a fashion akin to when Grant Morrison took over New X-Men in the 00s. That run saw the X-Men wearing uniforms more in-line with their Fox movie counterparts. All leather, all the time. And, while leather might make for a fun night, I’m not too keen on seeing every single X family member adorned in it.

Hickman recently released some videos about some of the other seminal moments in X history. Here’s one with him dishing on The Age of Apocalypse:

No matter what, I think most of us can agree that we’ll just be glad the Age of X-Man is over.