Our Bigot of the Month: Pastor Greg Locke

He teaches, tweets, posts, and streams a message of love and acceptance, or so he thinks.


A group of people all performing live karaoke together as they follow the bouncing ball go across lyrics that have bee superimposed onto a 2005 iTune visualizer. The hallmark of the modern non-denominational church. Most of these churches have has a leader that is easiest explained as the kind of pastor-equivalent of Amy Poehler’s Mean Girls character. He’s not like most pastors, he’s a cool pastor.

Pastor Greg Locke is one such pastor. He teaches, tweets, posts, and streams a message of love and acceptance. I mean, just look at this tweet:

Such an amazing… wait, I must have just skimmed it before. What did he just say at the end there? Let’s go find something else.

Here we go! They say on their site that they, “ accept everyone just as they are, but we love you too much to let you stay that way.” Wait wait wait… What exactly do they mean by letting someone “stay that way?” I guess we’ll keep on looking.

Me thinks he thinks that rejecting the validity their entire identity and life and “treated poorly” are incongruous. I would reckon that most queer people would find them pretty fucking similar.

In fact, Mr. Locke has tweeted several times in support of “The Nashville Statement,” a document seeking signatories across the globe t condemn homosexuality as a damnable sin. Here’s a combination of words and video that he recently posted saying that queer persecution is a lie and trans rights are terrible.

Fair. I guess states don’t still have gay panic a a defense for murder. And all states protect the civil rights of queer people to have access to employment and housing. Oh shit, nope. Take all that, flip[ it and reverse it. Queer people are still persecuted in America, even if things are trending in the right direction.

The really scary thing, is I distinctly remember my mother listening to a video he had on Facebook about something. She then shared it and endorsed it.

Honestly, though that just adds up to yet-another homophobic preacher in the south—just one of many. His differentiators are that he has a substantial following online, has been tapped as a guest on CNN, and oh yeah:

He beat his wife, which led to their divorce.



Pastor Get Locke is the pastor at Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. 

The church’s contact info is as follows:

Global Vision Bible Church
2060 Old Lebanon Dirt Rd
Mt. Juliet, TN 37122

(615) 553-4040

Maybe, reach out and give them a little contact to let them know just how much you get what they’re doing over there.

All photos from Pastor Greg Locke on Facebook