#PRDIE Jams: The Magnetic Fields' "Andrew in Drag"

The moment he walked on the stage, my tail began to wag.

The area is 2012, and I’m officially deeming this playful ballad from The Magnetic Fields as an A-OK use of the word “fag.” Apologies to all that are offended, but this faggot (points at me) is fine with it. So, there!

A pity she does not exist, a shame he’s not a fag. The only girl I ever loved was Andrew in drag.

The video is so great. Gender truly is just another performance, isn’t it?

Plus, it’s honestly a great little ditty that can be transferred from a confused straight dude to just a gay dude who thinks his friend just looks really fucking good all up in fine drags.

Plus, let’s all give it up for the drag kings out there! They really don’t get enough credit for all they have to do.