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Countdown to Now Apocalypse, Coming 10 March 2019 to Starz: Meet Tyler Posey as Uly's Gay Lover Gabriel

Gabriel is punk-rock/artsy and magnetic, absurdly hot, intimidatingly deep but also impossible to pin down. Gabriel is either Ulysses’ soulmate or the bane of his existence. The minute they meet there is immediate chemistry and a connection between them — as if they are destined to be — but then Gabriel disappears without a trace, leaving Uly to wonder why.

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LGBT Suicide and The Trauma of Growing Up Gay

As a mental health counselor for the past twenty years, I have listened to many painful stories from some of my lesbian and gay patients regarding their upbringing in a homophobic and heterosexist world. Many of my gay and lesbian patients, including a number of bisexual and transgender individuals, have shared with me that as young as age five, they felt different.

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