The Panda Playlist: Let's Get Mellow for a Little Bit.

I used to associate mellow music with winter. Things are a bit cooler, the sun sets earlier, Fleet Foxes seems somehow more appropriate with the crisp air surrounding you.

While searching for something to listen to this week, I realized that I was in a bit of a downer mood and this slowly releasing flow of summer jams just wasn’t gonna cut it.

I reached back to memories of laying on the grass of a quadrangle or chilling by a lake to summon what kind of music I’d like to listen to on a down-beat scorching day. The Best Coast album, Crazy for You came to mind. Everything else evolved from theres.

Mix in a a little old Hot Chip, Rilo Kiley, and some newly discovered favorites like Indigo De Souza, and I fleshed out this week’s mood in playlist form.