Tom Ellis Shows off his Nude Assets in New Season of Lucifer on Netflix

So quick into the first episode.

Ever since I binge-watched Miranda after it was added to Hulu, Tom Ellis has had a permanent place in my heart. Lucifer has been great, but it’s on Netflix now and that means one important thing: Tom Ellis’s Butt. And, within the first five minutes of the show, it delivered.

Then we get a nudist pool fun scene later on that delivers and even better view of the Ellis and some of his supporting cast-mates.

Click on the images for a large size.

I would not have been able to concentrate.

Check out the trailer below and head on over to Netflix for every episode of Lucifer ever made. I guess Fox’s loss is the streaming giant’s gain.

Reeling from the aftermath of Chloe seeing his devil face, Lucifer faces a new challenge: Eve, the original sinner herself, is back. Does she want revenge for when he tempted her out of Eden oh so many years ago... or something else entirely? Lucifer Season 4 premieres May 8 only on Netflix.