WATCH: UNHhhh 100! There Have Been 100 Episodes of this Crazy Amazing Bullshit!

Blame it on their juice. Relapses, folk albums, tours podcasts, failed TV shows… they’ve survived it all!

Can you believe that this YouTube series lasted this long? Honestly, I didn’t even know that Evil Jeff from Comicbook Queers was BOTH the editor for UNHhhh AND the man behind the Jiz videos. I mean, shit, I interviewed the wrong half of CBQ, apparently (I kid).

Here are a few notes

  1. Going to college graduation is 10000% a must-miss event.

  2. Fertility fuels bareback porn?

  3. I’m 30, and Trixie talking about turning 30 makes me want punch them in the fucking face.

  4. Digital legacies >>>> kids.

  5. Kids are gross.

  6. Boys are gross.

Goodnight, Barbara.