LIFE, DATING, AND THE ADULT INDUSTRY—ALSO POKEMON We like to talk up a lot of our interviews because we are quite picky in who we reach out to, but Ashtin Bates is a cut above the rest. He was one of the most enjoyable interviews we have had the chanceContinue Reading

ANALLICE If you zoom in you can see the “anallice?” This alleged nude of BB20’s Brett Robinson surfaced earlier today on Evel Dick’s Twitter feed. Supposedly, it’s from Brett’s college days. The jury is still out as to if it’s real or not. What do you think? The image isContinue Reading

There aren’t enough kind words in my vocabulary to attempt to craft an accurate description of @ZaddyZeitgeist (Freddie). Get to know him a little better by reading up in our interview and then check out the gallery at the bottom. DO YOU THINK THE BISEXUAL COMMUNITY IS DISCRIMINATED AGAINST WITHIN THEContinue Reading