[Terrible] Ideas for the Weekend: Let’s watch all of fun.’s covers on Youtube. Let’s all go out with bartenders who call everyone “honey,” and “love.” Let’s go shopping for our friend’s wedding gift, even though she didn’t invite us to her shower last weekend. That’s not rude, right? Right! Let’sContinue Reading

With the latest season of Glee wrapped up, we’re counting down our favorite moments. I guess some of the songs weren’t too horrible. It wasn’t as bad as the finale of Gossip Girl. Hate-watching Glee led me to watch New Girl. Santana is a comparably great character. Ryan Murphy buzzContinue Reading

A post by Parker recently inspired me to create an action-items list for my social media accounts if I were to become suddenly incapacitated for an extended period of time. So, internet friends, here is what I want to happen if I am incapacitated and my name is printed somewhereContinue Reading

Romney is a lock! Maybe Romney isn’t going to win. Republicans don’t like Romney. Texan? Nope. Romney is a lock! Maybe Romney isn’t going to pull it off. Herman Cain? Too much sex from the pizza man. Romney is a lock! Maybe Romney can’t win. That old lady with aContinue Reading

This isn’t particularly recent, but it’s an interesting and fairly unique list for one of my favorite genres. 5. Blade Runner (1982) 4. Wings of Desire (1987) 3. Brazil (1985) 2. A Clockwork Orange (1971) 1. Metropolis (1927) Full list with descriptions.Continue Reading