Electronic Entertainment Expo 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Yeah, the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo is upon us. Hell, it actually started yesterday with a press conference by Microsoft. There’s a lot to be excited about—I guess. I used to look forward to E3 each year so I could get a peekContinue Reading

Google earth will begin showing parts of the sea-bed and underwater views of the earth. I loved the Oceanic portions of planet earth and I really hope that this lets users explore the depths in a similar fashion in our own free time. Google has already conquered the land withContinue Reading

Everyone loves Twitter. And the biggest political users of twitter so far have been members of the GOP in Congress. But, is it OK to Twitter comments while in a “private” meeting with President Obama? I think that it’s great and I want to see more of it. “Audiences usuallyContinue Reading

So, the internet is for porn. Apparently, according to certain cable companies, the Super Bowl is also for porn! Yeah, apparently after one big score, the viewing audience was treated to another. Links and more info after the jump.Continue ReadingContinue Reading

A new way to blog about things. Almost everyone has a blog. And almost everyone goes weeks or months at a time where they post nothing on their personal blog out of sheer lack of ideas. That’s where Plinky comes into play. Plinky is a simple concept: A question isContinue Reading

If you’re into technology and what not. You might be aware of the massive trade shows going on right now in San Francisco  and Las Vegas. SF is hosting a new Macworld Expo and Vegas is home to the annual CES. If you haven’t been following them… you probably should. They’re where newContinue Reading

  Most of the companies have one. A list of the products that have been made and are ready for the masses to test but aren’t quite ready for prime time. Yahoo has Yahoo Next. Google has Google Labs. Windows Live has the creatively named “Windows Live Betas” along with the alsoContinue Reading