The following is a guest post by Frank Bello. Read more about Frank on his blog. This post originally appeared after the 3rd season of Community. But, now that it’s on Netflix and Hulu, it’s time for a binge and a few drinks while we get over this surge inContinue Reading

Although I have not once seen an entire episode of Dancing with the Stars, that might change. Granted, I originally started to write this article as an excuse to talk about the very hot photos Rippon did for Attitude Magazine in the UK (which were pretty great), but I mightContinue Reading

HBO’s Here and Now focuses on The Bayer-Boatwrights of Portland, Or. They’re a multicultural family whose lives swirl together into a deeply dark dramedy about a modern family living in America. Alan Ball (Six Feet Under, American Beauty). seems to have delivered another creation filled with NSFW exploits here. The first season consistsContinue Reading