I’m linking to the last part (4 of 4) because it has links to the previous 3 parts in the opening paragraph. If you wanted to know what goes into writing an episode of Community or what is is dealing with network execs, I suggest reading this series of interviews.Continue Reading

Summer TV season is upon us and, as always, the cable channels provide us a refuge from a reality-heavy network slate. One of these original series is TNT’s Franklin and Bash (Wednesdays, 9PM/8c) staring Breckin Meyer and Zack Morris Mark-Paul Gosselaar. I tend to have a soft spot in myContinue Reading

250 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Is it better to be stretched, as a civilization, to the extremes of time or space before becoming extinct? This is the idea explored in a recent article on Overcoming Bias that ties in Battlestar Galactica to the questions of cultural reach physically and temporally. ConsiderContinue Reading

Moosh will be missed most of all. In a horrible twist of fate, a mere 4 days after I say “Weeds isn’t that bad—it deserves one last season”, I get this horrible news. The thing that sucks the most about shows being canceled and not “ending” is that I firmlyContinue Reading