We’ve probably all seen the Eating Out films. The ones where a sassy best friend that may or may not be Tori Spelling is involved and frontal male nudity for one of the minor characters happens? Yeah, but I’m sure you haven’t seen all 58 of these films from OutFest.Continue Reading

Although I have not once seen an entire episode of Dancing with the Stars, that might change. Granted, I originally started to write this article as an excuse to talk about the very hot photos Rippon did for Attitude Magazine in the UK (which were pretty great), but I mightContinue Reading

I’m doing my usual dicking around on the internet and I come across this post about how Kafka journaled about writer’s block. I’m thinking to myself, “cool the guy who dreamed up the hell-scape that is waking up as a giant roach couldn’t write, either.” I guess I’m doing well,Continue Reading