Adin Smith is an awesome photographer, lover of the environment, occasional porn entrepreneur, and all around amazing guy. Let’s get to know him a bit. Shall we? All images in this post are by Adin, and all of them link to a larger version you can get your eyes on. (There’sContinue Reading

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down for a long fireside chat* with one of my favorite co-hosts for one of my favorite queer x-men/comics-centric culture podcast. That co-host is Brett Mannes, and that podcast is Comic Book Queers: Legacy! Brett was a brilliant pleasure to talk to, andContinue Reading

LIFE, DATING, AND THE ADULT INDUSTRY—ALSO POKEMON We like to talk up a lot of our interviews because we are quite picky in who we reach out to, but Ashtin Bates is a cut above the rest. He was one of the most enjoyable interviews we have had the chanceContinue Reading

I sat down with, or rather exchanged a few DMs on Twitter with the writer, Twitter personality, and all-around funny dad Zach Heltzel. We touched on Disney Chanel Original Movies (DCOMs), writing, and the emotional weight of Love, Simon. Panda: If you were to describe your personality as a flavorContinue Reading