I sat down with, or rather exchanged a few DMs on Twitter with the writer, Twitter personality, and all-around funny dad Zach Heltzel. We touched on Disney Chanel Original Movies (DCOMs), writing, and the emotional weight of Love, Simon. Panda: If you were to describe your personality as a flavorContinue Reading

There aren’t enough kind words in my vocabulary to attempt to craft an accurate description of @ZaddyZeitgeist (Freddie). Get to know him a little better by reading up in our interview and then check out the gallery at the bottom. DO YOU THINK THE BISEXUAL COMMUNITY IS DISCRIMINATED AGAINST WITHIN THEContinue Reading

BRETT BASICS Preferred pronouns are he/him/hisSexuality: GayHobbies include watching Netflix and listening to music, as well as photography, reading, writing, tennis, archery, and swimming.Passionate about history, politics, human rights, literature, and philosophy. GET SOCIAL Twitter: @YaBoyBr3tt Insta: Terbs99 We had the pleasure of speaking with Brett, and what was supposedContinue Reading

She does something vaguely regarding the law for a living. But, we’re here to talk with her because of her unfiltered political beliefs and her part as one-third of the longest-running, weekly, episodic, wrestling review show. Smart Wrestling Fan. YOU CAN LISTEN TO HER, AND FIND HER ON TWITTER–AFTER YOUContinue Reading