Article by Benjamin Hanckel, Western Sydney University and Shiva Chandra, Western Sydney University During COVID-19 lockdowns, a major concern for LGBTIQ+ communities, mental health professionals and academics was that young lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer and questioning, intersex and asexual+ people may suffer from being stuck in transphobic, biphobic orContinue Reading

Article by Lisa Z. Sigel, DePaul University “To live among the handmade,” philosopher and antiques dealer Leon Rosenstein once said, “is to live among the human.” Well, there’s nothing more human than handmade pornography. When you hear “pornography,” you might think of Playboy and Penthouse, X-rated movies and internet porn. But one typeContinue Reading

The Rusk W8less Hair dryers can cost hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars. With feature lists that boast things like special diffusers and ionic technology, things can get confusing. Luckily, the fine folks over at Engadget took a look at all of the consumer dryers on the market to comeContinue Reading

It’s like drinking spring in a glass. 1½ oz. vodka ½ oz. fresh lime juice ¼ oz. Lillet Blanc 1 oz. sugar snap pea syrup* Shake all this with ice and strain into a glass–preferably, a chilled coupe glass. Make sure to shake for 30 seconds each go round. Then,Continue Reading

The Grit in Athens, GA was one of my favorite places to go in Athens, GA. It’s still there, but I am long gone. I haven’t been to Athens in a few years and I haven’t been to The Grit for even longer. That Golden Bowl. That Golden Bowl. Veggies,Continue Reading