If you’re out and about in Athens tonight, I suggest you stop by New Earth Music Hall for Athens DubStomp Summer Step Series. Because, you know, there isn’t too much more you could ask for than a free party with good music downtown on a Saturday night. Come beat theContinue Reading

Lit is a bar in Athens that boasts having something like 500 different flavors of long island iced tea. Lit is a bar that charged me a $2.00 cover (first bad sign) for what was apparently a “wet bikini contest” that I didn’t know was happening. I stayed in LitContinue Reading

Over the next few weeks, we’ll take you on a journey through the bars of Athens, GA. Join us while we share our unfiltered opinions and greatest tips for obtaining booze in this lovely college town. First up is The Capital Room. This bar is slightly out of the wayContinue Reading

totesinappropes-: It’ll be something like “Don’t get married just so you can fuck someone. Here, I’ll buy you a Rabbit.” Also included with my vibrator donation: three ecology classes (so they can see that the world is pretty crowded), three economic classes (so they can see that money doesn’t growContinue Reading

[vimeo]http://vimeo.com/707539[/vimeo] “Capucine and I have eaten more candy than we were supposed to. Capucine tries to get us out of trouble before Dad finds out about it.” AKA: “Lets watch an adorable little French girl tell a story”Continue Reading

I honestly think this is the most fascinating thing I have discovered all winter break. I spotted these little wonders at Northern Star Coffee, and had to wonder seriously why such a thing would exist. Chocolate Skittles don’t sound like a good concept. The flavors aren’t particularly appealing. It soundsContinue Reading