This afternoon I used a face mask I purchase from Walgreen’s several years ago. The face mask was of the peel off cucumber variety. I peeled it off right after it set and then rinsed my face. Cut to 5 hours later when I began breaking out in face hivesContinue Reading

I’m doing my usual dicking around on the internet and I come across this post about how Kafka journaled about writer’s block. I’m thinking to myself, “cool the guy who dreamed up the hell-scape that is waking up as a giant roach couldn’t write, either.” I guess I’m doing well,Continue Reading On the third episode of WHIMSICALLY VOLATILE, Katya & Craig discuss energies and vibrations, Barbara Markay, adhering to disciplines, dealing with boredom, anxiety addictions, friendships, the sordid history of the nation, and tricks paying you with your own money. This show just keeps getting better and better.Continue Reading