This is a question I think almost everyone in the LGBTQ+ community has asked themselves at some point. Discovering your sexuality is a rollercoaster of a journey and potentially one of the most confusing times in your life. I’m sure at some point we’ve taken the classic “what’s my sexuality?”Continue Reading

Hello, my name is Ewala. I come from the planet Alawe, in the galaxy Ewala, in the universe Alawe. But the point is I tried. If you think you need to go to the bakery, please do so now, because I do not want to be interrupted while IContinue Reading

Photo by Emily Hunt dreamsmachines: Help us send a message to President Adams that we are not okay with the destruction of UGA’s historic campus. The University’s plans to demolish historic Rutherford Hall are indicative of larger issues facing our school. The administration has shirked its responsibilities as stewards ofContinue Reading

Merlin Mann, of, explains how we must remember who we are and not go running to the internet for answers when we forget. Why do we check our e-mail so often? Why refresh Twitter and Facebook every few seconds? It’s a long video; but, it is very well worthContinue Reading

Friend of the blog, Jennifer Teeter has a spanking new song out called “My Tapeworm.” Give it a listen: [youtube][/youtube]Continue Reading

So, “everyone” knows about the new show this fall that premiered on the CW called The Beautiful Life. It was hyped up and stared one former OC star and one former High School Musical star. Well, it was cancelled after two episodes last month. But, my question is how didContinue Reading

Ok, we get it. Everyone loves Tumblr and Twitter and even FriendFeed. But, there has to be more out there, right? More than just those few and lovely ventures funded by the same few companies? Well, I present to you a round up of the social media underdogs. From start-upsContinue Reading