Electronic Entertainment Expo 2009
Electronic Entertainment Expo 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yeah, the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo is upon us. Hell, it actually started yesterday with a press conference by Microsoft. There’s a lot to be excited about—I guess.

I used to look forward to E3 each year so I could get a peek at the next generation of gaming goodness. This year seems (so far) to be all about unnecessary 3d displays and software updates.

Sure, there’s always the unfortunately named Playstation Vita—which also costs an unfortunate $299 for the top model. Also, the Xbox is getting a new new new Xbox experience to look forward to with maybe some live TV. That should be nice.

For the most part, this year (and the past few years) is all about the games. I’m fine with this. I just don’t see the benefit of a company cluttering up a game announcement amongst a crowd of other game announcements.

Maybe the Nintendo press conference will be different? I hear we’ll get a look at the Wii II. Though, for the most part, I’ll just filter through Joystiq, GiantBomb, and BitMob after the expo is over and pick out the bits of news that appeal to me.

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