I haven’t been watching Gossip Girl as much as I used to. Sure, I’ll get caught up eventually. It’s just that I think it might have been let to go past its experation date. I’ve moved on to fresher shows that go well with a vodka tonic and hefty doses of digital mockery—I mean, have you seen The Secret Circle? That stuff is epic.

The New Class of Terrible TV

Many have told me that Whitney is worth watching as a guilty pleasure. I strongly disagree. Instead, I submit the following fresh grouping of terrible shows to help you get over the stagnant loops of plot onGossip Girl.

The Secret Circle

The theme song alone is enough to make you want to take a shot. Once it’s in your belly, however, the overly dramatic scoring and permanent look of concern on everyone’s faces melt away.


There is not too much to say about this show just yet. I will say that it reminds me a good bit of too many people I went to high school with in suburban-to-rural Georgia.


This video kind of sums up the things that are wrong with this show. I will give them props, however, for not taking the Glee route of hitting the character development reset button after the credits roll for each episode.
It’s pushing the expiration date a little with a 3rd season premiering this summer. I’m only on episode 3 and think that this is definitely a fine choice. so far. The character share that same look of concern that’s permanently washed over the perma-eye-lined cast of The Secret Circle.


I was once basically called an alcoholic by the head of the housing community I lived in at UGA. It’s alright, though, because no one likes that guy—and, I’m pretty sure his picture is hung up at the Terrapin brewery. That’s all a side-point, though—my main thrust is that a little fruit from the vine can make terrible tv 500% better. Although, I have discovered that pizza has a similar effect on ABC Family Original Movies.*

*There are plenty of those on Netflix

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