There’s this great GQ article which eloquently and accurately says why remake after reboot after sequel are made in Hollywood nowadays. To sum up, due to inflating production and marketing costs, studios don’t want to fund something that doesn’t have a built in audience. So naturally, when something “original” came along three years ago and broke box office records for its genre, the studio wanted to make more of it.

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The Hangover was “original” in that it had 3 largely unknown actors at the time headline an R rated comedy, which, any entertainment analyst will tell you, probably should have tanked. What entertainment analysts never realize is that frat boys will show up in droves to anything that has dick joke after fart joke after dick and fart joke. (Well, almost anything) Also, it was funny in that Zach Galifianakis is funny. It was also original in that it was original for Todd Phillips in that he must have just watched Memento and thought, “I can do that, but it needs a naked Asian man to pop out of a trunk!”*

So here we are, three years later, and there’s a Hangover Part II because of course there is. The thing is, it’s the exact same movie. The same movie. Like, not even hiding it, the same fucking movie. Which, I guess, I should have known because the trailer for the first and the trailer for the second are exactly the same. But maybe I just hoped that the people making the movie didn’t want to make the same thing twice. Nope. The same written beats, same lines- except adding the classic sequel word “again”- and, hell, a lot of the same shots.

I’m assuming The Hangover Part II script looks exactly like the The Hangover script but with a handwritten “Part II” next to it. Because, seriously, here are some events in the movie (bolded is added):

  • Three friends wake up in Las Vegas Bangkok and don’t remember anything.
  • They find a baby monkey in their hotel room, and Zach Galifianakis attaches to it and does obscene things with it.
  • Ken Jeong jumps out of the trunk of a car an ice machine and starts beating the main characters.
  • Ed Helms has sex with a blonde brunette stripper who also has a dick (insert line about how Bangkok has “cock” in the name (lol insert)**)
  • Ken Jeong Paul Giamatti, a shady character, “has” their friend but not really.
  • Ed Helms figures out everything.

Now, because there might be that asshole who’s like “but they acknowledge that it’s just like the first one” (presumably wearing a visor backwards, popped up polo collar, and in a douchey white guy voice if that wasn’t clear. Also in a frat (or was)). Congratu-fucking-lations writers. The characters realized they lived through the first movie. That’s what you’re supposed to do.

This movie is just lazy, pure and simple. You can watch the first, laugh exactly as much, without the assholes in the crowd (and there will be a lot of them). It’s not outright terrible, but terrible often has the distinction of actually trying something and completely failing.

*I should probably state that I don’t hate The Hangover. I just mostly hate the people who like The Hangover and quote it ad nauseum. Mostly because you’re supposed to laugh at these assholes, while these guys (and they are mostly guys) are laughing with them.

**Just guessing

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