It’ll be something like “Don’t get married just so you can fuck someone. Here, I’ll buy you a Rabbit.”

Also included with my vibrator donation: three ecology classes (so they can see that the world is pretty crowded), three economic classes (so they can see that money doesn’t grow on trees/PEOPLE ARE EXPENSIVE TO GROW), and a pre-marital counseling session (so they can see that they probably aren’t going to last). But mostly the first two.

Because you are fully entitled to your right to wait until marriage to have sex. I have absolutely no issues with that.* I am however against 18-19 year olds getting married just so they can have sex without feeling stigmatized.

You’re right anonymous person I may know. People are expensive to grow. Though, you should probably throw in a gift certificate for a male and/or female escort to kidnap go out with them and have sex to make sweet, passionate love with them—after lots of alcohol.

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