Log for 25 May: R.I.P. Pop Rocket



Note: every year, around time for Big Brother, I subscribe to CBS All Access to get ready for the live feeds. And, every year, I tell myself I’m gonna go watch some old Big Brother from when I liked the show more.Instead, I watch all the CBS All Access Originals that I miss the rest of the year because fuck “yet another steaming service”.

  • The Good Fight

    • Episode 3.01 to 3.10

    • This season was wild. From the School House Rock-inspired animated shorts to the actual apocalypse happening in the background, everything was askew.

    • CBS legitimately censored one of the episodes. It was a short about, ironically enough, censorship.

  • Star Trek Discovery

    • Episode 2.01 to 2.04

    • I feel like I watched the first season of this forever ago. It’s still higher-quality than I assumed or even think it deserves. CBS All Access has subscribers that aren’t just prepping for the yearly return of Big Brother?

  • The Amazing Race

    • Episode 31.01 to 31.06

    • I have never seen a single episode of this. But, I had time to kill today.

    • I got sucked in by the off-brand likability of Tyler Oakley on the show and the wrappings of having Big Brother teams compete.

    • One of my favorite trash seasons of reality TV was the “Coaches” season on Big Brother with the Quack Pack so Janelle and Britney getting eliminated broke my wee little heart.



  • Pop Rocket!

    • The Final Episode

    • This podcast came into my life at a very rough time, and escaping into pop culture and faggotry in my ears each week was real, quality greatness.

    • The podcast had faltered a bit recently, mostly due to scheduling issues. But, it was fixable and certainly didn’t have to die.

    • I really hope MaxFun doesn’t try to churn out a new/different pop culture show.