Log for 26 May: Just Some Trek



  • Star Trek Discovery

    • Episode 2.04 to 2.13

    • It sucked me in. Can’t wait to see how the new show-runner resolves the cliff-hanger.

    • The season was markedly better than what I remember from the first.

    • The epic scale and episodic nature makes this so much more engaging than most Trek series that I’ve seen. Good for me, but I get how fans of that problem-of-the-week style of show wouldn’t like this one.

    • Spoiler: So, they’re 950 years in the future? The old future or the new future? There was never a unified theory of timelines put forth, so it’ll be fun to see what happens. Since the mom said changing the past effects the same timeline and not a splinter one, I would assume that the future they travel to is one without Control/Borg having wiped out sentient life. IDK.