Log for 27 May: Double or Nothing and Really Old Big Brother



  • AEW: Double or Nothing

    • It looks good. I mean that, visually, it looks like a professional product. It’s something that only TNA circa 2009-11 has been able to pull off in the non-WWE category.

    • There were some good matches, a few great ones, but I can’t wait until I’m not expected to watch a shit-ton of YouTube content in order to understand someone’s motivation.

      • (Really, it was only the Brandi Rhodes stuff that fell into this. I picked up on everything else with the quick video packages.)

  • Big Brother

    • Season 15, Most Sunday and Wednesday episodes

    • I watched a large chunk of Season 15 because I had forgotten how Andy won.

    • I think I prefer the myth of Season 15 over the reality.

    • Somehow I remember being a fan of Amanda/McCrae when it first came out.

    • If this season really is an All-Stars season, I’d be down for this: