Adin Smith is an awesome photographer, lover of the environment, occasional porn entrepreneur, and all around amazing guy. Let’s get to know him a bit. Shall we?

All images in this post are by Adin, and all of them link to a larger version you can get your eyes on. (There’s also a collected gallery.) After you get through here, make sure you hit up Adin’s Twitter and Instagram. You can find links to his adult content via links on Twitter, as well.

People are important to me. Borders are man-made. I just want people to be healthy and live in peace.

Adin Smith


  • Name: Adin Smith
  • Sexuality: I’d put myself around number 4 on the Kinsey scale. I find some women attractive but don’t feel romantic towards them.
  • Out? I’m out for sure not really out as adult film actor/ producer to everybody though. If asked I wouldn’t hide that.
  • Pronouns: He, him or they work fine.
  • Hobbies: Working out, taking pictures, Twitter, working on my story until it becomes a book, baking, ignoring phone calls and texting back after, sitting on my phone next to a charger but not plugged in.
  • Passions: Is weed a hobby or a passion? I’d say passion. I could chief all day and I lov baking with it or cooking too. Once legalized in IL I’m strongly considering pursuing supplying to dispensaries and eventually pointing a bakery/coffee shop. Aside from that, I’m very passionate about the environment and animals.

1.Tell us a little about yourself and what you’ve been up to recently.

Well, I recently tried to live in LA but it’s too pricey for me right now. It’s a great city and I love geography. More recently, I moved to Chicago because I have family out here and it’s probably the last affordable city to live in the US. It’s cold as hell right now but I like it. Until I find some steady work (hopefully bartending) I’ve been making vids and also making some photography work for myself offering TFP photo shoots so I can get some exp and other people can get some new portraits. Also waiting to hear back from an art school in the city. If accepted I’d be pursuing a small degree in film.

Photo by Adin Smith

2. As someone who makes a living from putting come content behind a paywall, how do you feel about piracy?

It’s theft, plain and simple. That doesn’t mean I’m not guilty of pirating movies and music when I was younger. It’s just the nature of the internet. If you put it up there it kinda doesn’t belong to you anymore. I don’t care for twitters that post other people’s videos and pics without tagging the people who are in them. I watermark my videos most of the time just to try and combat my stuff getting pirated.

Photo by Adin Smith

3. I feel like I would see you on Tumblr back in the day and you were a bit soft. Now you’re looking really fit. Do you have any tips for others looking to get in shape?

Haha! I was on there. I slowly broke into the gay web culture with that. It took me a long time to get into the habit of just going to the gym and enjoying it. A lot of people try to work their way down but I got my dads genetics. Tall and thin. And had the opposite problem. It really sucked when I had almost no pectoral definition and my bf at the time said laying on my chest was uncomfortable. So the best thing I can say is set some goals, find a workout plan for your body type, adjust your diet to fit your goals, and be consistent.

4. If you could change one thing about queer culture, what would it be?

We call our selves a community but we don’t act like it. Racism is alive and well and it’s gross. Somehow ppl get it in their head that they are better than others and if they were really better than other people, they would be humble about it and help lift those up that need it or at least point them in the right direction.

5. Do you date? Are you on apps? How has dating changed for you since becoming an adult performer?

Right now, I’m trying to focus on myself. I have a checklist of things I want to achieve before I feel like I’ll be ready to commit to someone. I use Grindr sparingly and mostly just to look for ppl to film with and networking. Every now and then I find someone I want to be friends with but most guys just to fuck. I just find it better to be upfront about being a performer that way I don’t have to try and explain it later. Right now I’m working on loving myself.

6. What are some of your favorite things in media right now?

Some of the shows I like are Game of Thrones, Brooklyn99, The Office, and I really enjoy horror movies. Hereditary, As Above So Below, and Insidious to name a few. For music, I’ve been listening to a lot of female Black artists. Willow Smith, SZA, Lizzo, Kali Uchis, I also like beachy music like the Growlers and Best Coast. If I’m just relaxing For feeling creative I listen to scores from movies and TV shows. I love my Switch! Skyrim, Smash Bros, Pokémon, and Legend of Zelda are some of the games I spend hrs on. I didn’t play often but like to binge when I do. And since you mentioned comics, I love the newer Doctor Strange comics. I enjoy the art style and humor.

Photo by Adin Smith

Photo by Adin Smith

7. Where, Who, or What do you go to for inspiration?

I really enjoyed fantasy growing up. I often go to old myths, legends, and fairytales. However, I also draw inspiration from history and scientific articles. And Musical scores.

That being said, a piece of Popeyes spicy chicken with mashed potatoes sandwiched between one of their biscuits is bomb as fuck.

Adin Smith

8. What are your biggest guilty pleasures?

Any meat that I eat because I know it’s not great for me, it’s bad for the environment and an animal had to die for it. That being said, a piece of Popeyes spicy chicken with mashed potatoes sandwiched between one of their biscuits is bomb as fuck. Also, Nutella because of the Palm oil and it’s linked to habitat loss of so many animals.

Photos by Adin Smith

9. What have you created that you’re the proudest of?

Well, I’ve been putting more effort lately into editing my videos. Upping the production value, if you will. But I’ve always had a thing for  National Geographic. My great grandmother bought me a years subscription once or twice growing up. So I’ve been working on my photography a lot more. And when I say that means my photography separate from editing photos. The goal is to take a well composed and exposed photo without touching it with editing software. I’m happy to say I can see my own progress.

10.What advice would you give yourself 4 years ago?

Boys are great but they are also a distraction. And to read more.


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