According to, federal lawmaker’s latest attempt to invade our internet privacy is in the name of curbing child pornography. The “SAFETY Act” would basically require all everyone to keep logs of internet activity for individuals for two years.

“While the Internet has generated many positive changes in the way we communicate and do business, its limitless nature offers anonymity that has opened the door to criminals looking to harm innocent children,” said Sen. John Cornyn, (R-Texas), who introduced the Senate version.

Perhaps I’ve read a few too many dystopian novels, but this measure seems far too 1984 to by justified by Senator Conrnyn’s explanation. It seems, as the blog also points out, that it would be much more likely for the data obtained to benefit the RIAA and MPAA. Even if you do happen to be the model citizen who would never engage in piracy (I know I am…), none of us should want our rights to be further infringed in the name of some unlikely cause.

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