It’s hard to recommend this movie without just going “You just totally should!” because it’s hard to describe. I can say it’s an anti-love love story(ies), but that’s Wong Kar Wai’s modus goddamn operandi. And I can outline the plot, but, like his other films, the log line is really simple and it’s not something that makes you go, “Oh wow, I need to see that.” (The film is two stories about lovelorn cops, both just broken up, and how they deal with it. It’s better than it sounds.)

Things I will say:

  1. I have a love/hate relationship with this movie. I love it because it’s great (again, it’s more about the mood of this film than anything, and I can’t really describe it without going into it). I hate it because for Wong Kar Wai this was a goddamn writer’s block exercise that he literally shat out when he was editing Ashes of Time with actors from that film and he decided he needed a break and for six weeks did this.
  2. It made Quentin Tarantino, the man who gave us this, cry. (His further thoughts and more background on Chungking Express here.)

Seriously go see this film. Trailer here.

(Chungking Express is only on Netflix by disc. Fallen Angels, Chungking’s counterpart, however is available on Netflix instant for an idea of the kind of style seen in Chungking Express.)

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