I honestly think this is the most fascinating thing I have discovered all winter break.

I spotted these little wonders at Northern Star Coffee, and had to wonder seriously why such a thing would exist. Chocolate Skittles don’t sound like a good concept. The flavors aren’t particularly appealing. It sounds like a disaster in every possible way.

A couple minutes into my chai latte, I had to find out myself just how bad these things were, so I spent the $1.05 necessary to appease my curiosity.

My friend and I went about tasting the ridiculous things as scientifically as was possible and chocolate flavored Skittles deserve by dividing them by flavor and tasting by color.

Vanilla: These were probably the best of the bunch. They tasted like vanilla tootsie rolls, which I always considered a decently acceptable Halloween candy, especially after the chocolate was all eaten.

S’mores: I always think s’more flavored anything is bound to be awful, but as chocolate flavored Skittles go, these were alright. They tasted like tootsie rolls too, but the regular kind.

Chocolate caramel: These also had the potential to be gross, but were at least edible. They too tasted like tootsie rolls, but appropriately a bit like soft caramel also.

Chocolate pudding: Disturbingly, the chocolate pudding tasted like M&Ms minus the texture of real chocolate.

Brownie batter: Decisively bad. Which is a shame, as it sounded like one of the better flavors. Really weren’t, though.

Despite low expectations for the s’mores and chocolate caramel (vanilla was predictably the best…possibly because it has little to do with chocolate), the Skittles got progressively worse by colors. If you’re ever forced, for whatever reason, to eat these things, go with the lighter colors.

Really, though….why?

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