Weiner's Weiner
There it is.

I guess it’s official now. That is, in fact, the outline of Rep. Anthony Weiner’s penis. Ends up it wasn’t just posted on Twitter. It was also attached to an email intended for a young lady with the file-name “ready.jpg”. There were also a few shirtless pictures too. A democrat has officially admitted to an internet sex scandal.

This isn’t all that new. What is new is that this guy isn’t resigning in shame. I tend to mark that one up to  the fact that Democracts don’t try as hard as those in the GOP to come across as wholesome families.

Sending pictures of yourself to a girl over twitter is definitely not as bad as getting blown in your office from an intern, right? I mean, at least he didn’t send those photos to a guy—he would have surely been forced to resigned then.

The thing about this that I find more interesting is that the congressman is basically a middle school-aged child here. First, he gets caught sexting a girl because he is seemingly unable to determine what interaction on Twitter is public vs. private. He then uses the 21st century equivalent of the “my dog ate my homework” excuse: “I was hacked.”

“Gee, I would have loved to of sent you that paper last night Mr. Feeny—but, my computer got this horrible virus.”

Well, I certainly hope this is a learning experience for him. After all, we must now live with the take-away that the horrible worst-case-scenario of theory being pushed by the press was true. Those guys won’t be living anyone alone any time soon.


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