I’ll admit that I fell down a bit of a rabbit hole by searching for pro-Trump hashtags on Facebook. When I clicked on the profiles of a man proclaiming that telling people to wear masks is infringing on their liberties, I found something that should not have surprised me: this man is a minister.

His name? Homer Allison. He loves fishing, his grandchildren, praying that God will raze America to the ground because we had the gall to not elect Trump, and pontificating about how the literal apocalypse has already begun.

So, why am I picking on Homer Allison? A few reasons:

  1. He influences people by acting as a religious leader.
  2. As such, he’s (barely) a public figure with no reasonable expectation of privacy on his public Facebook posts.
  3. In posts mere days apart from each other, he can’t keep a logical flow going.
  4. He considers himself a moderate.
  5. He seems to represent that average American that got sucked into the Trump train of lies without getting *completely* red-pilled.

That last item is a big one. In a vlog posted from the hotel room he booked for the January 6th insurrection in DC, he made the point pretty early in the video of saying he’s “very moderate” while condemning the actual insurrection (he was on the metro heading to his hotel 30 minutes away when the capitol was breached). Like a Fox News anchor, he deftly weaves in and out of condemning the “far-right,” lacing in plenty of mentions of the “far-left  looting and burning.”

That video is sitting pretty at about 150 interactions on Facebook, and it is one of the lesser-interacted-with posts on his profile. 

As I scroll further down his feed I find more alarming posts. One common thread of his posts is that “no one is good.” He also likes to re-iterate that he is basically a one-issue voter focused on abortion. He also claims to not belong to a political ideology or party. In a sense, he’s right, because he also got mad at the Republicans who condemned Trump for his “Big Lie.”

That one issue dove-tails nicely for him with his conspiracy-filled views about COVID-19. He has more than one post that implies (ore just states) that the vaccines are made from fetal tissue. They aren’t–but, it’s complicated because fetal cell lines are clones from cells that were clones from cells that were… you get the point; though, I’m sure Homer doesn’t understand the difference.

On 19 March 2021, he posted, saying that anyone in a low-risk demographic for COVID-19 should get infected on purpose for the sole purpose of being able to donate anti-body-containing plasma. As I continue scrolling I get hit with rapid-fire logical inconsistencies. COVID-19 is an overblown hoax. Masks shouldn’t be mandatory because people can’t be trusted to wear them properly to stop the spread. Masks don’t work. 

Here and there my Q-senses tingle. In one post, he says “America, brace yourself for the normalization of pedophilia. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you…” A bit -y, but no Q sirens going off. 

Further down, he advocates using DuckDuckGo, Brave Browser, Patriot Mobile, Alternative Social Networks, and anything that is an alternative to “communist” big tech. (Note: If he thinks Amazon is driven by anything aside from profit, I have some bad news for him.) This smacks of the kind of tin-foil hat geekery you would find on a dusty message board in the mid-00s that has found root in many Q-loving circles–there goes that tingle again.

People on the far-left and far-right agree on that (obviously replace “communist” with “fascist”). I have some news for them: you are all probably too boring for anyone to really care about your browsing history for more than trying to sell you a new mattress.

The further I go, a confusing B-plot also arises: this man is actually doing some good as well. I see posts about passing out clean drinking water to those in need and feeding needy elders (Note: I really hope he at least required masks for that one. Food < Death).

I can readily admit that our human welfare system in America relies heavily on religious organizations providing services. Hopefully, he provides them equally, unlike The Salvation Army and many other christian “charities.”

Something I worried about in the post about rampant pedophilia seems to come to light in a post I see about him hosting gatherings for two alternative Scouts programs: The American Heritage Girls and Trail Life USA. Luckily it isn’t further down a Q-hole, but a sharp right into homophobia and bigotry. Both of these organizations, if you haven’t heard, were created after the Girl Scouts and then the Boy Scouts began tolerating homosexual youth in their programs.

It clicks that “pedophilia” is evangelical code for “gay” in many instances. I’m not surprised, but I’m not thrilled, either. Oh, I think I get it now.

All that in consideration, does he really consider himself moderate? Most adults don’t support overturning Roe v. Wade. The tide turned against him on gay rights long ago–now it’s more popular than it has ever been. 

It hits me that used the phrase “post-christian society” alot. He must be saying that he is a mainstream evangelical conservative. He is certainly no true moderate. Though, I bet he takes comfort thinking that he represents what the “silent majority” believe. And with the new reality many are living in, he can believe it, too.

If a statistically valid poll disagrees with you, the methodology was wrong. If the outcome of an election disagrees with you, it was rigged. Anything that isn’t a doctrine-affirming article from a site with no journalistic integrity (think Epoch Times) isn’t the *real* news.

The dangerous bit is that he’s doing what he was trained to do: spread his beliefs as far and as wide as possible. It’s a main tenant of evangelicls to constantly witness to and covert anyone you encounter. Why wouldn’t he be duty-bound to do the same with political ideology when the other side is so evil and debased. Disagree? You aren’t christian enough.

That’s the danger. Homer isn’t worried about the COVID-19 virus, but he’s perfectly fine with spreading his almost-red-pilled diet-Q ideology–and he spreads it inside of a place we’re supposed to see as a refuge, our church.

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