Semi; is a young artist out of Dallas that has been taking the internet by storm over the last handful of months. Pushing out nearly a track a week, Semi; is definitely one to watch.

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Pale Panda: If you were to describe yourself as a mixed drink, what would it be?

Semi; I would probably describe myself as coke and rum just because it’s my favorite lmao.

P: Of your recent releases, “Drugs and Dreams” really stood out to me. You push a lot of emotion into your music. What does it take to lay yourself out there so much?

S: Ya know starting out I was really afraid of how people would react to my innermost feelings, but the more music I’ve put out the easier it has become for me to do that. At this point I probably express more emotion in my music then I do in general though.It’s become an outlet for me and a lot of times it’s the only way I can share what I feel. So to me what makes it possible is just allowing myself to truly feel and being honest with myself as I create.

P: Who are your top artists out there that no one is talking about?S: I have a ton of influences from all different forms of music, but someone y’all should definitely watch out for is Jez Dior. Aside from him all of my homies out here creating and making big moves inspire me on a daily basis. S/O to all of Fre$h Pacc and all of Tribal East

“I find it better to feel then control the music.” — 


P: Do you take a different approach to writing your music because of your background as an audio engineer?

S: Not particularly, if anything my writing style is something that is completely unorthodox compared to most artists simply because I don’t try to get over technical with it. Even though that’s what you would expect from my background, I find it better to feel then control the music.

P: What advice do you have to people just starting out in music?

S: My advice for anyone starting out is to just keep pushing. The first 10 plus songs you drop aren’t going to get any plays, people aren’t going to love you right off the bat, your music probably won’t be good, but it’s okay. Constant practice is the only thing that develops skill in this trade. Seek out other artists learn from them, and never stop creating.

“My advice for anyone starting out is to just keep pushing. The first 10 plus songs you drop aren’t going to get any plays” — 


P: What new music do you have coming down the pipe? Where should we look for it?

S: So I’m starting to go into my vault and I’m dropping songs every Friday on I also have two projects coming out this summer one solo and one with my boy Mo who is the other co-founder of Fre$h Pacc. Also, I have new collars dropping all the time so just follow the socials and stay up to date

P: What are a few of your favorite things in media right now?

S: I’ve been drawing a lot of inspiration from the new Flatbush Zombies Album and as always just consuming as much media as possible to keep my punchlines sharp and my mind full of new information.

P: What is your favorite thing, place, or person you go to for inspiration?

S: For me personally finding inspiration is odd because I don’t have a particular way of going about it. Sometimes I’ll just feel it and immediately head to the studio, that’s when my best music is made.

P: What would the title of a reality show about your life be, and what would your Real Housewives-esque tagline be?

S: If I had a reality show I would probably call it Patience, Potential, & Growth simply because that’s the process which I keep in mind at all times as I work towards my goals in life.

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