New Year’s Resolutions are usually vapid and mostly go incomplete and forgotten about a week or two into the brand new year. I suggest a new system to rely upon for you “resolutions” this year. Make a list of things you should do to improve the quality of your life during the next year. Don’t make them vague or un-doable. Simply make a list of things to accomplish. Revise this list throughout the year; add new items as you go and mark through the things you feel you’ve actually accomplished.

Keep the list on you as part of your pocket journal or hipster-PDA to remind you everyday of what you hope to create and do in this brand new year.

For a small example, here’s mine:

  • Learn Python and/or PHP
  • Slow Down
  • Go to more parties
  • Read more
  • Spend less time doing nothing
  • Create more
  • Start meditating again
  • Finish what I start
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