Summer TV season is upon us and, as always, the cable channels provide us a refuge from a reality-heavy network slate. One of these original series is TNT’s Franklin and Bash (Wednesdays, 9PM/8c) staring Breckin Meyer and Zack Morris Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

I tend to have a soft spot in my heart for quirky lawyer dramadies. The key to a successful one of these tends to be in a strong ensemble cast. This is one area where this show needs to see some strong development quick. Pindar seems like he would fit-in quite well on NBC’s recently canceled Outsourced—this isn’t a good thing. In addition to him, we have a cast of supporting characters from a mediocre 90’s comedy. The only supporting cast member that I can see some potential in is the likable Dana Davis.

Ok, so it isn’t that strange for a show to weigh heavily on the leads for the first little bit as we get used to the other faces. At least Franklin and Bash are both likable and the actors have a nice dynamic going on. This is highlighted when Myer flashed a look of abandonment when the two realize the new firm has them in two separate offices.

In this dynamic, we can see the first conflict start to build. It seems to be heading in the direction of Gosselaar’s Bash and Myer’s Franklin disagreeing on how much they should acclimate to their new surroundings in a “big law firm.” Eh, typical fare—I don’t really mind it.

I’ll be watching the next episode when it airs tonight. It’s nice, mindless summer TV similar to many of the newer shows you might see on USA Network. Take a few charismatic leads and wrap a light plot around them and BAM!—you’ve got summer cable TV. It isn’t amazing—but, it’s far from bad.

Hell, this show (along with the superior White Collar) might just keep my mind off the fact that Psych is premiering in the fall this year.


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