A couple of weeks ago, Girls Night In did a show on the “ladder theory,” which is in short a method of describing the interaction and differences between men and women. Interesting and insightful as that may be, we had probably best admit that Mario’s explanation of relationships is muchContinue Reading

Wikipedia provides articles on everything from the UGA literary societies to Truthiness. But, this article on “Drinking Culture” stands out. Generally, people drink for one or more of six reasons — to quench thirst, to get drunk, to enjoy a social occasion (social drinking), to enjoy the taste of an alcoholicContinue Reading

I’m not sure how many of us at WUOG aim to be hipsters, but as a hole, we seem to be pretty good at it. Hipster bingo is ideal for passing the time before shows; I’m thinking all you’d have to do to get the bottom row is step outsideContinue Reading