Matt Tyler The following is a guest post by Matt Tyler about systemic problems in the University of Georgia’s Student Government Association. You can find Matt around the net, and on Twitter and Facebook. Over the past two years, different student political parties—Ignite, ReDefine, Blueprint, and The Link, to name a few—have runContinue Reading

Photo by Emily Hunt dreamsmachines: Help us send a message to President Adams that we are not okay with the destruction of UGA’s historic campus. The University’s plans to demolish historic Rutherford Hall are indicative of larger issues facing our school. The administration has shirked its responsibilities as stewards ofContinue Reading

Over the next few weeks, we’ll take you on a journey through the bars of Athens, GA. Join us while we share our unfiltered opinions and greatest tips for obtaining booze in this lovely college town. First up is The Capital Room. This bar is slightly out of the wayContinue Reading