There was another shooting today–this time at the YouTube HQ. Roseanne gave us a new episode and feels dated and bad now that the nostalgia has worn off but the crazy remains. And, Trump wants to put troops on the border because the wall didn’t get funded all the way. Now,Continue Reading

Romney is a lock! Maybe Romney isn’t going to win. Republicans don’t like Romney. Texan? Nope. Romney is a lock! Maybe Romney isn’t going to pull it off. Herman Cain? Too much sex from the pizza man. Romney is a lock! Maybe Romney can’t win. That old lady with aContinue Reading

“I love Current TV.” This was a phrase I said a ton from about 2006 to very recently. When the network abandoned their heavy focus on user created content a few years ago, it began to consistently fall further and further down my list of most-viewed TV. I still tunedContinue Reading

This may sound like a joke, but it’s not: researchers at Stony Brook University in New York have found that too much Facebook usage can leave you more prone to anxiety and depression…that is, if you’re a teenage girl. In a study, a group of 13-year old girls were evaluatedContinue Reading