Romney is a lock! Maybe Romney isn’t going to win. Republicans don’t like Romney. Texan? Nope. Romney is a lock! Maybe Romney isn’t going to pull it off. Herman Cain? Too much sex from the pizza man. Romney is a lock! Maybe Romney can’t win. That old lady with aContinue Reading

A political cartoon depicting Preston Brooks’s attack on Charles Sumner, an example of legislative violence. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I took a class about political polarization last semester. The entire semester is summed up as “We’re getting more and more polarized an will hit an irreversible, cataclysmic point sometime soon.” I just keptContinue Reading

There it is. I guess it’s official now. That is, in fact, the outline of Rep. Anthony Weiner’s penis. Ends up it wasn’t just posted on Twitter. It was also attached to an email intended for a young lady with the file-name “ready.jpg”. There were also a few shirtless picturesContinue Reading