[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbQPaf3eVDQ?feature=player_embedded] Overview Is this my new favorite because of 30 Rock’s ever-increasing cartoonish-ness? Probably not. I love cartoons. Maybe Parks and Rec just isn’t as funny? Again, no, this is maybe the funniest season of Parks and Rec yet. Is it because I’ve somehow began to loathe how uninterestingContinue Reading

“I love Current TV.” This was a phrase I said a ton from about 2006 to very recently. When the network abandoned their heavy focus on user created content a few years ago, it began to consistently fall further and further down my list of most-viewed TV. I still tunedContinue Reading

Image via CrunchBase Internet, I’ve been on vacation since this time last week. I fear that this has hindered me from letting you know that Netflix has the FIRST THREE SEASONS OF THE MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS!!!! The first two movies are there too.  Continue Reading

I’m linking to the last part (4 of 4) because it has links to the previous 3 parts in the opening paragraph. If you wanted to know what goes into writing an episode of Community or what is is dealing with network execs, I suggest reading this series of interviews.Continue Reading

Summer TV season is upon us and, as always, the cable channels provide us a refuge from a reality-heavy network slate. One of these original series is TNT’s Franklin and Bash (Wednesdays, 9PM/8c) staring Breckin Meyer and Zack Morris Mark-Paul Gosselaar. I tend to have a soft spot in myContinue Reading